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Punjab Ju jitsu History we start Ju jitsu in Punjab Mr. Rashpal Singh play a leading role of the start Ju Jitsu in Punjab He is the main person whose got credit of this startup……


Mr. Rashpal Singh have Start Ju jitsu in Schertz Texas USA April 2016 His coach name Brian K Moore his experience Ju jitsu last 18 year he’s learners Ju Jitsu in Japanese . May 2017 Mr.Rashpal Singh was come India & talk to Mr Baldav Raj (Taekwondo Coach) about Ju jitsu arts he say I want to learn Ju jitsu.


They start training in school name Ajanta Sen.Sec School almost 25 day he’s training with Mr.Rashpal teach him some Ju jitsu parts whatever they know. Mr.Baldev Raj first one start Ju jitsu in Punjab . after this Mr Amritjot Singh he’s know judo he’s been training judo long time. Mr Amritjot Singh started Ju jitsu training with Mr Baldav Raj & with Mr.Rashpal Singh so they will training together every morning one & half hour .


After months Mr.Rashpal Singh come back USA than continue training with his coach Brian K Moore in November 2017 Mr. Rashpal Singh going back India again than They will training together again this time they have more parsons they want learned Ju jitsu arts .


The Player have Mr Kulwinder Singh, Mr Balwinder Singh, Mr Gurmeet Singh, Mr Amandeep Singh , Mr. Rakesh Bhatia, Mr. Rajkumar Sahu & There some female they’re also want learn Ju jitsu arts Mrs Uma Rani & Mrs. Nisha Kumari some other females so Mr. Rashpal Singh training morning in Mr. Baldav Raj Club ( Rising Sun Martial arts Gym ) and Evening time some classes inh Mr. Amritjot Singh gym they’re learn Ju jitsu almost 22 day again. One day Mr. Rashpal Singh have meeting with all everyone who they’re training with him .


He ask them can we bring Ju jitsu in Punjab everyone say yes we want Ju jitsu in Punjab. Than we are start taking Mr. Suresh Gopi he’s Persistent Ju jitsu association of India. But Mr.Suresh Gopi Have only One Condition whose person have aknowlde of This Ju Jitsu game & rules they can bring this affilation .I call home some time or send text message I request him we want Ju jitsu in Punjab can we apply affiliation for Punjab state.


He say yes . But After one & half year we approve affilation after a long period of struggle. So we start paperwork for Punjab state we going to registrar Ju jitsu association Punjab 25 April 2018 than Mr Baldav Raj Mr Amritjot Singh Mr Balwinder Singh going to New Delhi meeting with Mr Suresh Gopi Persident Ju jitsu association of India & sec Gen ,CM Bhatia they’re issue Ju jitsu affiliation for Punjab state…….